Our church is an autonomous fellowship.

Our mission is to serve Christians and churches as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.

We, at Pole Line Road Baptist Church, regularly have members participating throughout the year in short term mission projects in the US and abroad. Occasionally one of our members is involved in a longer-term missions project, ranging from a whole summer to a couple of years.  In 2017, we had three go to Spokane, WA to work on Habitat for Humanity homes as well as other projects. In 2018, we had one go to South Asia to conduct a church leaders retreat & a group from our church, and other local churches, went to a fishing village in Alaska to put on a children’s program as well as outreach projects to the community. In 2019, our pastor ministered in three different countries.

Every year we are involved in a week long ministry at the Davis Migrant Center.

Another way we support mission endeavors is by giving a substantial percentage of our offerings received to help in various mission causes here in California and around the world. We keep in contact with many missionaries and love receiving updates and prayer requests.