Bible Study

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Each Sunday morning from 9:30 – 10:45 a.m. Bible study classes are held at the church. Please contact us for more details about any of these programs.

Bible study classes are as follows (click links for more details):

Class Room
Birth through Kindergarten, Ruth Roper – teacher 1
Children (Grades 1-6) Richard Jones & Ginger Welch – teachers 5
Youth (Grades 7-12) Exter Hardy & Tammy Yu – teachers 2
Adults – (18-29 years – Remnant)  Brian Van Lienden – teacher 6
Adults – (30 & up) Mike Pesola & Blain White – teachers MPR
Adults – (30 & up) Oscar Zamora – teacher 4

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Weekday Bible Studies

There are two Women’s Book/Bible Study groups (the women take a break in June, July, & Aug.) and one Men’s Bible Study group held during the week. Please see our events calendar for more details.