Children’s Ministry

Parent’s Night Out

Our children’s ministries combine to host a Parent’s Night Out, where parents of children from birth through sixth grade can leave their children for a fun evening at the church, while the parents have a date night, go shopping, relax, or whatever.

Each Parent’s Night Out is from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. All workers are Child Approved in accordance with our Child and Youth Protection Policy, which can be found below.  Our theme this year is “ROAR! Life is wild – God is good”.  Day 1 – When life is unfair…God is good!  Day 2 – When life is scary…God is good!  Day 3 – When life changes…God is good!  Day 4 – When life is sad…God is good!  Day 5 – When life is good…God is good!

The Parent’s Night Out dates for 2019 are:  Feb. 8, April 12, Aug. 23, Oct. 25, & Dec. 13.

Children’s Day

This is a fun day geared towards children.  The 8:00 & 11:00 message and worship services will be specially designed for children.  This year, it is planned for Oct. 13, 2019.

Child and Youth Protection Policy

All of our children’s ministries are organized and hosted in accordance with our strict Child and Youth Protection Policy. This policy protects your children by ensuring that every person interacting with your children has been carefully screened to make sure they have the best interests of your children at heart. Click here to download our Children’s Policy.