Building Fund

Our church had been in an exciting re-model / expansion program since 2010. We have seen God bless us over and over by providing the funds to totally re-build the West Wing which houses our Multi-Purpose Fellowship Hall, 5 new classrooms and 3 new bathrooms. We were able to celebrate putting the new West wing to God’s use on Palm Sunday, April 17, 2011. Towards the end of 2011 we continued our remodeling by making 3 new classrooms and a library on the South East corner of the main building. We are so blessed to have our new library open – please stop by on Sunday mornings to see it and find that book you’ve always wanted to read.

We have also completed remodeling the sanctuary, sound room, and TV room for parents with restless children, and putting up a Wrought Iron Fence to create a safer environment for the children to play outdoors.

In January 2019, we are excited to have finished the main building with a conference room, kitchenette, & classroom for medium size groups. This included a new bathroom & storage area. God continued to bless us by providing funds to do these projects without having to go in debt.

Our facilities are used by 3 different churches, a homeless guests lunch program, NA groups, service to our community, & occasional community medical testing. Together we can do great things for the glory of God – reaching out to His people and sharing His love.