Injustice Response

My heart aches for the unrest in our country and world. Being the father of a son of color, I know firsthand that prejudice still exists, even here in Davis, CA. Even if George Floyd had a past history with law enforcement, it does not mean he should have been treated with anything less than respect. Mr. Floyd is a human being created in the image of God. Just because there are some officers that abuse their authority, it does not mean we need to attack or disrespect the men and women who serve diligently to protect us and our cities. Hatred and prejudice are NOT resolved with more hatred and prejudice.

Prejudice is “pre-judging”. What I have found so real with our church family is that no matter what your first impressions are, if you take the TIME to get to know a person, no matter how different someone is from you, you will come to understand that person and his or her story and you will love that individual. Our church family is diverse in many ways, as am I and my family. But as we fellowship and serve together, we come to know each other’s story. That, in fact, helps us to love each other.

As Christians, we should be at the forefront – not just a cry about the injustices in our world – but leading with our actions, attitudes, and behaviors of love and respect for all individuals. We are to be grieved when any of God’s children are treated with anything less than the respect GOD desires to see His children of all races receive. We are to be a people known for our love of one another. As Gov. Newsom said recently, this violence is not going to be changed by more laws but by a change in heart. I agree. And we as Christians know Who is in the business of changing hearts. He does that best as His children let His Spirit love others through us. We, His children, are responsible for bringing the change this world needs. We need to pray about our words… are they edifying of EVERYONE, regardless of how they may differ from us? We need to pray about our attitude… does it show a concern for the well-being and salvation of EVERYONE, regardless of what we think about their beliefs or political views? We need to pray about our actions… do they honor the image of God within EVERYONE, regardless of how they may respond to us?

WE, as Christians, hold the key to peace on this earth and His name is Jesus. Are we helping others of all races, backgrounds, professions, and beliefs experience His love and peace? Are we not just talking about, but taking the time to help everyone know they have value to us and to God? This is at the core of all we are called to be as Christians. Let us not just protest the injustices but proclaim the justice and love of God for all mankind. The healing our world needs begins with God loving each individual through us, His children.