Past Sermons

DateMessage TitleSpeaker
06/09/2024What Did Jesus Do.. About Temptation? - Matthew 4:1-11Patrick AllenAudio Video
06/02/2024Conquering Sheep - Romans 8:31-39Patrick AllenAudio Video
05/26/2024For This Purpose - Romans 8:26-30Patrick AllenAudio Video
05/19/2024Pain and Gain - Romans 8:18-27Patrick AllenAudio Video
05/12/2024Flying Free - Romans 8:12-17Patrick AllenAudio Video
05/05/2024Life in the Spirit - Romans 8:1-13Patrick AllenAudio Video
04/28/2024Portrait of a Struggling Christian - Romans 7:1-23Patrick AllenAudio Video
04/21/2024Who’s the Boss? - Romans 6:15-23 Patrick AllenAudio Video
04/14/2024Remember Why He Died - 1 Peter 2:22-25Larry AdamsAudio Video
04/07/2024Operating by Design - Romans 6:1-14Patrick AllenAudio Video
03/24/2024Christ in the PassoverRob WertheimAudio Video
03/17/2024Capturing the Moment: The Cross - John 19:17-24Patrick AllenAudio Video
03/10/2024The View from the Family Tree - Romans 5:12-21Patrick AllenAudio Video
03/03/2024How Much Does God Love Me? - Romans 5:1-11Patrick AllenAudio Video
02/25/2024Hope Against Hope - Romans 4:16-25Patrick AllenAudio Video
02/18/2024Illustrations of Justification - Romans 4:1-16Patrick AllenAudio Video
02/11/2024The Only Way to God - Romans 3:9-31Patrick AllenAudio Video
02/04/2024Religious, But Lost! - Romans 2:17-29Patrick AllenAudio Video
01/28/2024Judgement for the Judgmental - Romans 2:1-16Patrick AllenAudio Video
01/21/2024The Collapse of Culture - Romans 1:18-32 Patrick AllenAudio Video
01/14/2024May I Introduce You to "The Gospel" - Romans 1:1-17Patrick AllenAudio Video
01/07/2024ROMANS: The Christian's Constitution - Book of RomansPatrick AllenAudio Video
12/31/2023Have a Courageous New Year - Joshua 1:7-9Aaron BroadusAudio Video
12/24/2023SIMPLY CHRISTMAS: The Son’s View - Phil. 2:5-11Patrick AllenAudio Video
11/19/2023What Every Pastor Should Know About Giving - Philippians 4:10-20Patrick AllenAudio Video
11/12/2023The Power of Grace Today - Titus 2:11-15Matt MooreAudio Video
11/05/2023Snarls in the Sanctuary - Philip. 4:2-9Patrick AllenAudio Video
10/29/2023Strategies for Growth - Philippians 3:15-4:1Patrick AllenAudio Video
10/22/2023Gains and Losses - Philippians 3:1-14Patrick AllenAudio Video
10/15/2023People with Purpose - Philippians 2:19-30Patrick AllenAudio Video
10/08/2023What to Do When It’s My Turn- Philippians 2:12-18Patrick AllenAudio Video
10/01/2023JESUS: Not Just Another Pretty FacePatrick AllenAudio Video
09/24/2023Living While Life is HappeningPatrick AllenAudio Video
09/17/2023Mission and MysteryAaron BroadusAudio Video
09/10/2023CHRISTIAN: More than a ClichéPatrick AllenAudio Video
09/03/2023Surrounded by JoyPatrick AllenAudio Video
08/27/2023Looking ForwardPatrick AllenAudio Video
08/20/2023The Best of IntentionsPatrick AllenAudio Video
08/13/2023The Glory of the GrindPatrick AllenAudio Video
08/06/2023A Sucker Born Every MinutePatrick AllenAudio Video
07/30/2023Sin in the CampPatrick AllenAudio Video
07/23/2023Expecting the UnexpectedPatrick AllenAudio Video
07/16/2023A Time to RememberPatrick AllenAudio Video
07/09/2023Faith in the Fast LanePatrick AllenAudio Video
07/02/2023We Have a New Interim Pastor! Now What? (1 of 2)Patrick AllenAudio Video
07/02/2023We Have a New Interim Pastor! Now What? (2 of 2)Patrick AllenAudio Video
06/25/2023Gospel-Centered PrayerAaron BroadusAudio Video
06/18/2023Expectation…and Fulfillment Unlooked-FoDr. David NystromAudio Video
06/11/2023Being Witnesses of the Lord’s New ThingsLarry & Sarah BallewAudio Video
06/04/2023The Hidden LifeBen AleshireAudio
05/14/2023Mom: I RememberMike PesolaAudio Video
05/07/2023Actively WaitingLes TolandAudio Video
04/30/2023What Is Really Going On With the ChurchNeil RedenbaughAudio Video
04/23/2023Praying Jesus' WayPatrick AllenAudio Video
04/16/2023Room at the TableRick & Lita SampleAudio Video
04/09/2023Using the (not so) Secret KeyDr. Gary ArbinoAudio Video
04/02/2023God Comes to UsNeil RedenbaughAudio Video
03/26/2023The Teaching of Jesus: Kingdom of GodDr. David NystromAudio Video
03/19/2023Foundations: Preparing For The StormsDr. Carl MorganAudio Video
03/12/2023The Teaching of Jesus: Son of ManDr. David NystromAudio Video
03/05/2023Get Busy Living Or Get Busy DyingMike PesolaAudio Video
02/26/2023Faithful to The GospelLarry AdamsAudio Video
02/19/2023Running Your Race with GraceDamon OwensAudio Video
02/12/2023The Salvation of RahabBob LewisAudio Video
02/05/2023The Joy of HumilityMark RindelsAudio Video
01/29/2023A Good ByeExter HardyAudio Video
01/08/2023The Eyes Have ItExter HardyAudio Video
01/01/2023Why Are We Here?Exter HardyAudio Video
12/25/2022How Quickly do you Open Gifts?Exter HardyAudio Video
12/18/2022A New Heart for ChristmasExter HardyAudio Video
12/11/2022Given Sight and InsightExter HardyAudio Video
12/04/2022Your Choices Impact Your KidsExter HardyAudio Video
11/27/2022Living in PhiladelphiaMatt AbbottAudio Video
11/20/2022Is Re-Gifting Acceptable?Exter HardyAudio Video
11/13/2022He Empowers You to ForgiveExter HardyAudio Video
11/06/2022You are PricelessExter HardyAudio Video
10/30/2022Better to be a Kid?Exter HardyAudio Video
10/23/2022Don't Forfeit Your InheritanceExter HardyAudio Video
10/02/2022Fear of the LordLarry AdamsAudio Video
09/25/2022Practice What to be Perfect?Exter HardyAudio Video
09/18/2022He Understands YouExter HardyAudio Video
09/11/2022Be Sure You Get it in WritingExter HardyAudio Video
09/04/2022ShortcutsRyan PulleyAudio Video
08/28/2022When Confronting a Wrong...Exter HardyAudio Video
08/21/2022When Given a Deadly Assignment...Exter HardyAudio Video
08/14/2022When Called to Give a Defense...Exter HardyAudio Video
08/07/2022When Your Health Fails...Exter HardyAudio Video
07/31/2022When Your Friends Turn Against You...Exter HardyAudio Video
07/24/2022Celebrating WeaknessExter HardyAudio Video
07/17/2022How to be a "Were"Exter HardyAudio Video
07/10/2022Are You Condoning Slavery?Exter HardyAudio Video
06/26/2022Walking with Lions But Not Afraid!Exter HardyAudio Video
06/12/2022More Than Peace of MindExter HardyAudio Video
06/05/2022Many Mansions?Mike PesolaAudio Video
05/29/2022What Can Unite Us?Exter HardyAudio Video
05/22/2022Leaving a Hungry Sheep at the Altar!Exter HardyAudio Video
05/15/2022Loved LovesExter HardyAudio Video
05/01/2022Are You Worthy?Exter HardyAudio Video
04/24/2022How to Become RoyaltyExter HardyAudio Video
04/17/2022HIMRU?Exter HardyAudio Video
04/10/2022The Best Debt Relief AvailableExter HardyAudio Video
04/03/2022God is Forgetful?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/27/2022Dying to Meet Your Maker?exAudio Video
03/06/2022Jesus As Our Captain, Savior, & BrotherJeremiah KepnerAudio Video
02/27/2022Sure You’re Not Deceived?Exter HardyAudio Video
02/20/2022He Died in Your Place!Exter HardyAudio Video
02/13/2022Why Did God Destroy People?Exter HardyAudio Video
01/30/2022You Ready to Face the Judge?Exter HardyAudio Video
01/23/2022Hell is ForeverExter HardyAudio Video
01/16/2022Cheating DeathExter HardyAudio Video
01/09/2022What are you Ashamed of?Exter HardyAudio Video
01/02/2022You Won the Lottery! Now What?Exter HardyAudio Video
12/26/2021Our Gift to Our City in 2022Exter HardyAudio
12/19/2021God's Present PresentExter HardyAudio Video
12/12/2021Best Christmas DisplayExter HardyAudio Video
12/05/2021Great Investment StategyExter HardyAudio Video
11/28/2021Mangy ShepherdsExter HardyAudio Video
11/21/2021Never LateExter HardyAudio Video
10/24/2021Renewal in a WhisperChris LovelaceAudio Video
10/17/2021Desperate for Jesus Jeremiah KepnerAudio Video
10/10/2021Spoiled Brats SpoilExter HardyAudio Video
10/03/2021Running the Race!Debbie-Wohler-ReasonerAudio Video
09/26/2021No Discipline: No LoveExter HardyAudio Video
09/19/2021Your Children Will Not Obey YouExter HardyAudio Video
09/12/2021Hokey Pokey TeachingExter HardyAudio Video
09/05/2021Best Teachers are Perpetual StudentsExter HardyAudio Video
08/29/2021Who You Know Can Save Your LifeExter HardyAudio Video
08/22/2021Living in Fort KnoxExter HardyAudio Video
08/15/2021Forgiveness is ExpensiveExter HardyAudio Video
08/08/2021What are you Worth?Exter HardyAudio Video
08/01/2021Ask Siri. She Can't Help You Like This!Exter HardyAudio Video
07/25/2021Tolerance Doesn't Bring EqualityExter HardyAudio Video
07/11/2021Who's Your Father?Exter HardyAudio Video
07/04/2021No Power Outages HereExter HardyAudio Video
06/27/2021How Long Can You Go Without Water?Mike PesolaAudio Video
06/20/2021What it Means to Be a FatherTim WelchAudio Video
06/13/2021Arrogance Can Make You Sick!Exter HardyAudio Video
06/06/2021Is Your Security System Reliable?Exter HardyAudio Video
05/30/2021Pure Motives Aren't Enough!Exter HardyAudio Video
05/23/2021Networking for SuccessExter HardyAudio Video
05/09/2021As For Me and My HouseMichele Russell-CarlettiAudio Video
05/02/2021The Hope of a Proven FaithLarry AdamsAudio Video
04/25/2021Pride vs HumilityMatt AbbottAudio Video
04/11/2021Defense by the BookExter HardyAudio Video
04/04/2021Are You Wearing Your Helmet Correctly?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/28/2021Spiritual MelatoninExter HardyAudio Video
03/14/2021How To Improve Your Credit ScoreExter HardyAudio Video
03/07/2021No Fine Print to This "Free"Exter HardyAudio Video
02/28/2021Are You Ready to Fight?Exter HardyAudio Video
02/14/2021On Satan's Turf!Exter HardyAudio
02/07/2021Tested and ApprovedExter HardyAudio Video
01/31/2021Where Does God Go to Church?Exter HardyAudio Video
01/24/2021Feeling Alone?Exter HardyAudio Video
01/17/2021Converge Global MinistriesKathy & Carl LahrAudio Video
01/10/2021Changing Your Circumstances?Exter HardyAudio Video
01/03/2021Does Doom & Despair Follow 2020Exter HardyAudio Video
12/27/2020Are You Using Your Christmas Gifts Correctly?Exter HardyAudio Video
12/20/2020Baby SignsExter HardyAudio Video
12/13/2020The Gift of FearExter HardyAudio Video
12/06/2020Clean GivingExter HardyAudio Video
11/29/2020Jesus' Favorite FoodExter HardyAudio Video
11/22/2020Who Did You Invite to Thanksgiving?Exter HardyAudio Video
11/15/2020Sex in Church!Exter HardyAudio Video
11/08/2020Never Too Old For...Exter HardyAudio Video
11/01/2020Wait... It's Worth ItExter HardyAudio Video
10/25/2020Prepared for the StormExter HardyAudio Video
10/18/2020The Power of a Soft WordExter HardyAudio Video
10/11/2020Where is the Kingdom...Mike PesolaAudio Video
10/03/2020The Gospel in the Feasts of IsraelRob WertheimAudio Video
09/27/2020For a Better Night's SleepExter HardyAudio Video
09/20/2020Does Jesus Still Heal?Exter HardyAudio Video
09/13/2020Fruit or Banquet?Blain WhiteAudio Video
09/06/2020Can Praying Make it Better?Exter HardyAudio Video
08/30/2020Regret ResponseExter HardyAudio Video
08/23/2020Sinner Condemn ThyselfExter HardyAudio Video
08/16/2020The Blame GameExter HardyAudio Video
08/09/2020We Need EMTsExter HardyAudio Video
08/02/2020Because...Exter HardyAudio Video
07/26/2020How To Change God's MindExter HardyAudio Video
07/19/2020Sorry SorrowExter HardyAudio Video
07/12/2020Wholly, Holey, HolyExter HardyAudio Video
07/05/2020No Reaction RegretsExter HardyAudio Video
06/28/2020Gentile GiantExter HardyAudio Video
06/21/2020Dad's Forgotten SonExter HardyAudio Video
06/14/2020Loyalty RewardsExter HardyAudio Video
06/07/2020Good to GoExter HardyAudio Video
05/31/2020Bringing Home StraysExter HardyAudio
05/24/2020Patience Doesn't Come Through SufferingExter HardyAudio Video
05/17/2020Packing a Peace for ProtectionExter HardyAudio Video
05/10/2020Are You My Mother?Lisa HardyAudio Video
05/03/2020The Best Music DownloadExter HardyAudio Video
04/26/2020How Do You Know You Are In Love?Exter HardyAudio Video
04/19/2020The Joy of Being Child-likeExter HardyAudio Video
04/12/2020Trust is Difficultly EasyExter HardyAudio Video
04/05/2020Still No Snow In HellExter HardyAudio Video
03/08/2020Are You a Promise Problem?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/01/2020Rejected RejectionExter HardyAudio Video
02/23/2020Putting Out the Wrong Fire!Wrong Fire!Exter HardyAudio Video
02/16/2020Ventriloquism AnyoneExter HardyAudio Video
02/09/2020Ghost WhispererExter HardyAudio Video
02/02/2020Gift Giving BacklashExter HardyAudio Video
01/26/2020The Final Word Isn't YoursExter HardyAudio Video
01/19/2020When Putting God First is Wrong!Exter HardyAudio Video
01/12/2020Updating Your SystemsExter HardyAudio Video
01/05/2020Staying OnlineExter HardyAudio Video
12/29/2019God Uses DefibrillatorsExter HardyAudio Video
12/22/2019I Know What I'm Getting For ChristmasExter HardyAudio Video
12/15/2019I'm Dying to Go Home for ChristmasExter HardyAudio Video
12/08/2019I Told You SoExter HardyAudio Video
12/01/2019Dad's My Hero... SometimesExter HardyAudio Video
11/24/2019When We Don't Feel LovedExter HardyAudio Video
11/17/2019The Spirit of PeaceMike PesolaAudio Video
11/10/2019Passing Down Bad Genes?Exter HardyAudio Video
11/03/2019Quick Ear, Not a Quick TongueExter HardyAudio Video
10/27/2019Mistaken Motive MayhemExter HardyAudio Video
10/20/2019Rebuked for no RebukeExter HardyAudio Video
10/13/2019Children's Day - 2019Tiburon Baptist YouthAudio Video
10/06/2019God's Character Requires ObedienceNoah ColemanAudio Video
09/29/2019Pity Party PooperExter HardyAudio Video
09/22/2019Drinking Poison to Kill Others?Exter HardyAudio Video
09/15/2019Inner DarknessExter HardyAudio Video
09/08/2019A Deadly ChoiceExter HardyAudio Video
09/01/2019Near-Sighted AnxietyExter HardyAudio Video
08/25/2019No Shame! No Blame!Exter HardyAudio
08/18/2019Same Road: Different DestinationsExter HardyAudio
08/11/2019I Lost Everything! Praise God!Exter HardyAudio Video
08/04/2019Download DilemmaExter HardyAudio Video
08/04/2019Summer Concert of FriendsCalvin CarterAudio Video
07/28/2019Having a Healthy Heart & MindExter HardyAudio Video
07/21/2019Victim or Victorious?Exter HardyAudio Video
07/14/2019It Ain't Judge JudyExter HardyAudio Video
07/07/2019Time to Wake UpExter HardyAudio Video
06/30/2019MacauLarry & Sarah BallewAudio Video
06/16/2019Just Who Do You Think You Are?!Blain WhiteAudio Video
06/09/2019Breathing New Life Into LazarusMike PesolaAudio Video
06/02/2019Christian Unity; Why & HowDavid YetterAudio Video
05/26/2019Know No KnowExter HardyAudio Video
05/19/2019What Does It Take To Trust?Exter HardyAudio Video
05/12/2019Mother's DayNury MelaraAudio Video
05/05/2019Desire DirectedExter HardyAudio Video
04/28/2019Following Your Heart to Hell?Exter HardyAudio Video
04/21/2019Surrender to WinExter HardyAudio Video
04/14/2019Better One or Two?Exter HardyAudio Video
04/07/2019Bow or Burn?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/31/2019The Spirit of TruthNoah ColemanAudio Video
03/24/2019Pot Dog - Top GodExter HardyAudio Video
03/17/2019It's Just Wood, Dude!Exter HardyAudio Video
03/10/2019Is Your Ideal and Idle Idol?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/03/2019Heart Smart StartExter HardyAudio Video
02/24/2019Before You Were Momma's Baby...Exter HardyAudio Video
02/17/2019To Serve ManMike PesolaAudio Video
02/10/2019Better Than a ConscienceExter HardyAudio Video
02/03/2019Is Science Compatible with God #3Bryan EnderleAudio Video
02/03/2019Is Science Compatible with God #4Bryan EnderleAudio Video
02/03/2019Is Science Compatible with God #5Bryan EnderleAudio Video
02/02/2019Is Science Compatible with God #1Bryan EnderleAudio Video
02/02/2019Is Science Compatible with God #2Bryan EnderleAudio Video
01/27/2019I'd Live to Die Like ThatExter HardyAudio Video
01/20/2019I'd Die to Live Like ThatExter HardyAudio Video
01/13/2019Space Between a beggar and KingJuan W WinsteadAudio Video
01/06/2019Way PrideExter HardyAudio
12/30/2018God Not Gifts!Exter HardyAudio Video
12/23/2018The Best Gift for Your ChildrenExter HardyAudio Video
12/16/2018I C U N MeExter HardyAudio Video
12/09/2018Misled MistrustExter HardyAudio Video
12/02/2018God Likes Extravagant Waste?Exter HardyAudio Video
11/25/2018Water, Wells, and WorshipJeremiah KepnerAudio Video
11/18/2018Why Does God Like to Bless Us?Exter HardyAudio Video
11/11/2018Pleasing Your Commanding OfficerExter HardyAudio Video
11/04/2018A.I. Driving?Exter HardyAudio Video
10/28/2018Your Interpretation or Mine?Exter HardyAudio Video
10/21/2018Cut Out of God's Will?Exter HardyAudio Video
10/07/2018Look Both Ways Before You SinExter HardyAudio Video
09/30/2018Paid to Obey?Exter HardyAudio Video
09/23/2018This is Not the Golden CorralExter HardyAudio Video
09/16/2018HIMRU?Exter HardyAudio Video
09/09/2018Prolonging Life (Not My Sermon!)Exter HardyAudio Video
09/02/2018Is Judging and Judgmental the Same?Exter HardyAudio Video
08/26/2018Is Tolerance a Good Choice?Exter HardyAudio Video
08/19/2018Oil and Vinegar RelationshipsExter HardyAudio Video
08/12/2018Designer SexExter HardyAudio Video
08/05/2018Looking for a Wise GuyExter HardyAudio Video
07/29/2018It's Worth the PainExter HardyAudio Video
07/22/2018Keep Going, You're Not Bleeding Yet!Exter HardyAudio Video
07/15/2018When Pleasing Isn't PleasantExter HardyAudio Video
07/08/2018Sure Your Beliefs Will Save You?Exter HardyAudio Video
07/01/2018Want the Good Life?Exter HardyAudio Video
06/24/2018Jesus: The Life of the PartyExter HardyAudio Video
06/17/2018Father's Day 2018Richard JonesAudio Video
06/03/2018Graduating Magna Cum FearExter HardyAudio Video
05/27/2018Jews for JesusRich RobinsonAudio Video
05/20/2018When Your Love is not AppreciatedExter HardyAudio Video
05/13/2018MotherhooodGinger WelchAudio Video
05/06/2018Go P.C.Exter HardyAudio Video
04/29/2018Our Obvious Isn't Always the ObviousExter HardyAudio Video
04/22/2018"U B"Exter HardyAudio Video
04/08/2018I Am the Way, the Truth, and the LifeNoah ColemanAudio
04/01/2018When Empty is FulfillingExter HardyAudio
03/25/2018Do You Have the Wrong Enough?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/18/2018Best to be LastExter HardyAudio Video
03/11/2018Did You Ask for This?Exter HardyAudio Video
03/04/2018Good DebtExter HardyAudio Video
02/25/2018What Does God Want You to Do?Exter HardyAudio Video
02/18/2018Taking Advice From A DonkeyExter HardyAudio Video
02/11/2018Do You Want God's Honest Answer?Exter HardyAudio Video
02/04/2018The Prayer of JesusDr. David NystromAudio Video
01/28/2018How to be ProsperousExter HardyAudio Video
01/21/2018The Best Resolution for 2018Exter HardyAudio Video
01/14/2018Loving One Another When It's the HardestElizabeth ThomasAudio Video
01/07/2018Building A BlessingMike PesolaAudio Video
12/31/2017Many Callings, One CallerJuan WinsteadAudio Video
12/24/2017Planned ParenthoodExter HardyAudio Video
12/17/2017The First Christmas CardExter HardyAudio Video
12/10/2017Welcoming an Alien InvasionExter HardyAudio Video
12/03/2017Rick and Lita SampleThe SamplesAudio Video
11/26/2017This Isn't Giving Until it Hurts!Exter HardyAudio Video
11/19/2017Christians are HomesickExter HardyAudio Video
11/12/2017What a GripExter HardyAudio Video
11/05/2017Prepared for Eternity?Exter HardyAudio Video
10/29/2017Does Jesus Feel Persecuted by You?Exter HardyAudio Video
10/22/2017Humpty Dumpty Didn't Know JesusExter HardyAudio Video
10/15/2017History Supports His StoryExter HardyAudio Video
10/08/2017You'll Find Out One Day!Exter HardyAudio Video
10/01/2017Think There's No God?Exter HardyAudio Video
09/24/2017COT Scan of the HeartExter HardyAudio Video
09/17/2017What'll They Say at Your Funeral?Exter HardyAudio Video
08/27/2017What Makes Us Different?Exter HardyAudio Video
08/20/2017Pay BackExter HardyAudio Video
08/13/2017What The World Needs NowExter HardyAudio Video
08/06/2017Sunday Morning Isn't Worship TimeExter HardyAudio Video
07/30/2017Know What Compels You?Exter HardyAudio Video
07/23/2017Is Your Mind Killing You?Exter HardyAudio Video
07/16/2017Well Advised Isn't Always Welcomed AdviceExter HardyAudio Video

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